A Large Scale Study Finds Link Between Sugary, Sweetened Drinks and Cancer

A Large Scale Study Finds Link Between Sugary, Sweetened Drinks and Cancer

Traditionally, doctors recommend a glass of fruit juice as a part of a healthy diet. But a new study relates the consumption of sugary drinks and fruit juices and the growth of cancer. So it’s bad news for lovers of sugary drinks including soda, and fruit juice. As per a large-scale study, drinking just a small glass of a sweet drink, around 100ml every day, links to an 18% rise in the overall risk of cancer. Besides, it boosts the possibility of breast cancer by 22%. Scientists from the French Public Health Agency and the Nutritional Epidemiology Research Team (EREN) conducted the trial.

The survey, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), considered 100% fruit juices compared to other sugary drinks like soda, energy drinks, and lemonade. Scientists analyzed more than 100,000 adults with an average age of 42 over the course of nine years. They observed the consumption of 3300 food and drinks in a group of people consisting of 79% females and 21% males. The large-scale clinical trial includes a review of 97 sugary beverages. It also includes 12 artificially sweetened drinks, like soda, sports drinks and fruit juices with no added sugar. In the end, the study has revealed a connection between both types of beverages and cancer because of having a considerable amount of sugar in both.

Based on the data, the study revealed drinking sweetened and sugary beverages daily rose the risk of different types of cancer. As much as 2,193 people, out of the total number of candidates, were diagnosed with a different type of cancer. The figure splits 693 breast cancer cases, along with 291 for prostate and 166 for colorectal cancer cases. Dr. Mathilde Touvier, leading author of the study, noted the idea is not to avoid foods. As per the author, it all means to balance the consumption of food. She said drinking high sugary drinks is a risk factor for obesity and overweight. Dr. Touvier recommends people to follow public health guidelines that allow a maximum of one glass of sugary drinks per day. So avoiding sugary beverages to reduce risk of obesity might lessen the chances of cancer.

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