A New Study Reveals Menstrual Cups Are Safe and Effective Way to Manage a Period

A New Study Reveals Menstrual Cups Are Safe and Effective Way to Manage a Period

Menstrual cups are gaining popularity nowadays, but are they really safe to use? Let’s take a look at a detailed analysis of those products which women use to manage their periods. A first comprehensive analysis of the products reveals menstrual cups are both safe and effective like sanitary pads and tampons. The little known menstrual cups made of soft material like silicone, latex, or rubber which trap menstrual blood are cost-effective. So it is a better way to manage periods for low-income women who face so-called period poverty. Even more, it is suitable for women unable to afford sanitary products whenever essential. A major scientific review of sanitary products reveals menstrual cups can be an effective way to control period poverty. Experts call the cup as a lifesaver.

The new study, published on Tuesday in The Lancet Public Health, has analyzed data from 43 researchers worldwide. The extensive research also includes the participation of more than 3000 candidates across the globe. As per the survey, around 70% of women who have used menstrual cups said they would like to adopt it as a way to manage periods. It also discovered usage of the cups included a similar or even lower risk of leakage against conventional sanitary products. The study also shows there exist no increased risk of infection linked with the usage of menstrual cups.

While the increasing use of disposable tampons and sanitary pads adds 200,000 tonnes of waste to dumping areas annually. The cups can be the best option in case of being an eco-friendly product. Those cups made of flexible material, once placed into the vagina form a suction seal to stop any leakage of blood. Even more, they have the potential to gather more menstrual blood other sanitary products. But it is essential to empty and wash the cup routinely. But it decreases the risk of infection, which takes place by using unhealthy things like socks or other old material in periods.

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