Amazon Prime Day Is Coming in Mid-July Full of Best Deals and Sales

Amazon’s Prime Day Is Coming in Mid-July Full of Best Deals and Sales

Amazon Prime Day, the yearly shopping holiday, especially for its Prime members, is coming fast. On Monday, Amazon announced that it is Prime Sale will return in Mid-July, i.e., 15 and 16 July. It is the biggest sale event in Amazon’s once-a-year tradition of offers and discounts. What’s new in 2019 is the tech giant is extending the definition of Prime Day even more. This year, Amazon will continue to offer deals for entire two days or say 48 hours. The exclusive sale for Amazon Prime Members will start on Monday 15th July at midnight PT/3 AM ET.

Last year Amazon included its own devices on sale twelve hours early. To get the ball rolling now is offering attractive discounts on various products like Fire TV Edition Smart TV. Even more, the company is offering $120 off on the Toshiba HD 43-inch Fire TV Edition Smart TV until this month-end or the end of stock. Although, it is the fifth year of Amazon’s Prime. The tech giant started the yearly sale in July 2015 while celebrating its 20th Anniversary. The sale is a copy of Amazon’s other sale, Black Friday.

Amazon utilizes the opportunity to fuel its quarterly sales numbers. Most notably, Amazon uses the savings event to feature its own products and attract new customers for Prime membership. More than 100 million people across the globe have subscribed to the group. Also, it is an integral part of shopping lives of some people. On the other hand, the Prime Day Sale has a long-standing significance to Amazon by engaging new members to its $119 per year free-shipping program. Through the sale, Amazon aims to strengthen ties with existing customers in line with the company’s products and businesses like Whole Foods. Although it is the first time, Amazon will offer free one-day shipping for Prime members with no bar of minimal purchase. In the end, the company aims to roll out exclusive deals in the sale.

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