An Amazing Video Reveals a Giant, 12-feet-long, Squid in Dark Depth of Gulf of Mexico

An Amazing Video Reveals a Giant, 12-feet-long, Squid in Dark Depth of Gulf of Mexico

Recently, scientists have captured a rare, giant squid in a video. The creature’s appearance has delighted researchers who were probing the deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico for a glance of the elite deep-sea creature. On Wednesday, scientists working with NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research have noticed the giant squid at a location a hundred miles away from the coast of New Orleans. While scrolling through the footage captured by Medusa, an underwater camera system, one of the biologists saw the ordinary shrimp along with other small creatures. At the same time, he saw a large tubular animal off on the corner of the screen.

As per the team, the deep-sea creature was a large squid having a size around 10-12 feet long. The exploration was a part of the NOAA Journey into Midnight mission, which is analyzing deep, dark sea bed at the Gulf of Mexico. The team of scientists included Dr. Edie Widder, Dr. Nathan Robinson, and Dr. Sönke Johnsen along with other crew members. They had plunged their cameras into the deep ocean to record the existence of mysterious sea creatures. Thus at just a few miles away from Louisiana and Alabama, they have made a significant discovery by finding a giant squid.

According to the blog post available on NOAA’s portal, the giant squid getting close to Medusa is flaring its tentacles. It seems like the squid has surmised camera as an actual jellyfish, and preparing to attack. Even more, the squid started wrapping its tentacles around Medusa, but after some time it realized something went wrong and fade away from sight into the deep sea. The team noted before this many immersible dives had failed to capture a video of a giant squid in the region. Thus it is clear that the giant sea creature does not like the bright lights emitted by remotely operated vehicles (ROV). But the new submersible Medusa has offered an exclusive glance of a creature never seen before.

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