Android Phone Users Can Sign in Google Services using Fingerprint

Android Phone Users Can Sign in Google Services using fingerprint

Google is introducing the new features for log in the company’s web services. This feature allows Android owners to use PIN lock code or phone’s fingerprint sensor instead of a password for log in any company’s web services. First time Google allows user for using biometrics to authenticate their identity on the web site rather than the app. Currently, this feature is available on some Android phones and after a few days, it will be deployed on all Android phones. This feature allows a user to sign in using any method users have set to unlock their phone including pattern and pin unlock. Also, the biometric authentication is available on Chrome for Android. To check this feature users must have to visit the company’s online password browser which is accessible through Besides, the user can edit or view the saved password via the same site.

According to Google, the user can prefer any authentication method including pattern, password, or pin for login on the Chrome browser. In the future, Google plans to add more functionality to Google Cloud and Google services. Furthermore, the password or pin has all types of vulnerabilities and the new feature removes it entirely. The Google new feature is more convenient, secure, and safer to log in. Using this feature, the user can store credentials locally on their device. Therefore, it cannot be a hack or intercept off a company’s servers. Peoples who are compatible with Android phones must try this new feature via on your phone. With the help of this feature, the user can manage all saved passwords.

Moreover, if the user clicks on any one of the saved passwords then Google shows a notification ‘Verify that it’s you’. At this point, the user can authenticate using their fingerprint or some other method that the user generally uses to unlock phone. Besides, Google’s new functionality is built using WebAuthn and FIDO2 protocol. It is an open standard that websites can use to secure web-based logins. FIDO2 authentication is much more secure than regular passwords. Now, all Android handsets with 7.0 or later versions are FIDO2-certified. Therefore, Google permits all their user for use of Android phone, as 2FA security key to sign in the account.

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