Apple and Foxconn Admit to Violate Chinese Labor Law by Overusing Temporary Workers

Apple and Foxconn Admit to Violate Chinese Labor Law by Overusing Temporary Workers

Reportedly, Apple and Foxconn have accepted utilizing a significantly higher number of temporary workers than permitted by Chinese law. CLW (China Labor Watch) has found the breach after an extensive probe. Besides, the group has also confirmed its outcomes with both Foxconn and Apple. As per the group, in August, half of the workforce included temporary dispatch workers. Whereas, Chinese labor law permits a maximum of 10% of a company’s workforce to be temporary. Thus the CLW has issued a comprehensive report on both companies of violating numerous Chinese labor laws. For now, Apple, the U.S. tech giant, relies on Taiwan’s Foxconn at a greater extent.

Foxconn is a manufacturing partner of the American phone maker, and its Chinese manufacturing plants offer devices like iPhone. Many of the excessive temporary workforces included student interns which accounted up to 305 of it. According to CLW, dispatch workers appointed by third-party companies can gain higher base wages like that of full-time workers. But the group notes the temporary workers don’t get benefits like paid sick leaves, medical benefits, pension contributions, etc. Even more, the report from CLW highlights some other rights breaches at the factory. Firstly, workers at the facility have worked a minimum of 100 overtime hours in a month, during the peak seasons. Whereas, Chinese labor law allows only 36 overtime hours a month. Besides, students have worked for additional time during peak season even though internship law does not allow it.

Secondly, some of the dispatch workers did not receive promised bonuses from their employers. Even more, the report claims the factory does not offer an adequate personal protective tool to the workers. They do not even gain any occupational health and safety training at the factory. Although Apple said, it is looking into the matter of the high percentage of temporary workers. The company has also found that it has exceeded the standards. Currently, it is working with Foxconn to solve the problem. Foxconn has confirmed that it was breaching rules by appointing too many temporary workers.

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