Apple’s New Patent Reveals Augmented Reality Headset Which Tracks Entire Face of a User

Apple’s New Patent Reveals Augmented Reality Headset Which Tracks Entire Face of a User

Recently Apple has filed a patent for a compound augmented reality headset. The latest tech discovery probably includes sensors that can read facial cues of users along with hands and eyes. It is a patent, Display System Having Sensors, which the company had filed a few months ago in March. The copyright is a part of Apple’s broad array of augmented reality (AR) patents. Besides, the patent reveals the research work of Apple, which might offer a way to transfer AR from mobiles to glasses. Maybe, the headset will provide a 3D virtual view of a user’s surrounding mixed with virtual data. Even more, the upcoming augmented reality headset could include various sensors to trace the eyes, facial expressions, including gestures of its users.

The system describes a head-mounted display, a set of cameras. It also includes a set of sensors which assist in tracking the surroundings of a user. As per the filing, the new AG headset might consist of various sensors like eyebrows sensors, lower jaw sensors, and head pose sensors. While Apple says, the system differs from most of other AR glasses. Notably, the headset projects partial images which enable users to see the actual objects around them. Thus the latest version of Apple’s system makes use of pass-through video technology. It consists of a few steps where cameras record a video. After that, the headset mixes digital objects into it and shows the outcome on a VR-like display.

The filing notes, the headset could arrive with both left and right displays. It will also have light sensors for collecting light data like color, direction, and intensity. The system will use a head pose sensor to find location and activity. Besides, the eye-tracking and lower jaw sensors will assist in pinpointing facial expression. As per the filing, Apple has specially designed the controller to offer a 3D virtual view avatar of the user’s face. The system relies on one or more sensors for data collection. While the phone maker says, the VR could use other types of devices to project images. Still, it is unclear whether Apple is actually developing products relying on these patents.

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