Doctors Are Testing Breath Device Which Can Detect Fatal Diseases Like Cancer in Few Minutes

Doctors Are Testing Breath Device Which Can Detect Fatal Diseases Like Cancer in Few Minutes

The National Health Services (NHS) is going to test a breath test that utilizes AI to detect various diseases. The groundbreaking innovation works at the nanoparticles level to offer results. So the breath test could be a new way to diagnose fatal devices like cancer. The technique has obtained successful results in lab tests, but the human trials are remaining. The first clinical trial on human will take place at two NHS facilities, along with two in the US. Even more, the study will involve hundreds of patients. If all goes well during the clinical trials in Britain, the medical industry will adopt the method in the upcoming two years.

As per health experts, the technology offers significantly more precise readings due to its nanoparticle level of working. Even more, it uses artificial intelligence to determine particular chemicals or biomarkers created by various diseases. In other words, the test uses an electronic nose which has the potential to figure out chemicals generated by cancers. Firstly, the NHS will try the test approach on lung cancer, while the device can discover a range of cancers along with other diseases like TB, Ebola. Reportedly, the device relies on top-grade military bomb detectors to offer a precise diagnosis within seven minutes. Notably, the device could assist to point cancer at very primary stages.

During the test, patients just have to breathe through a mouthpiece for sixty seconds. After that, it will transfer a breath analysis to a supercomputer present at its headquarters at the Canterbury Innovation Centre, Kent. Dr. Glyn Hiatt-Gipson, who has assisted in the development of the technology, said it is more sensitive than dog’s nose. According to the doctor, it is a revolutionary technology which is a game changer for patients. Dr. Glyn’s vision is that within the upcoming ten years, patients can breathe into the mouthpiece, and doctors will be able to detect around 400 different diseases in just one blow.

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