FDA Orders 4 Companies to Stop Selling Hookah Tobacco Products and Flavored e-Liquid

FDA Orders 4 Companies to Stop Selling Hookah Tobacco Products and Flavored e-Liquid
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The US FDA is demanding that the four tobacco companies to stop selling 44 various flavors e-liquid and hookah products. Many companies are selling these tobacco products illegally across various countries. Also, the FDA is trying to crack down on young people’s epidemic of hookah tobacco products and e-cigarette use. On Thursday, the FDA has issued a warning letter to the Liquid Labs USA LLC, Mighty Vapors LLC, and others. As per the FDA, after getting an effective date from the authority to regulate different flavors e-liquid and tobacco products. The various tobacco companies can introduce their products to the market. As per the rule, any type of product introduced in the market after a specific date will not have legal existence without FDA approval.

In 2016, the FDA gained the authority to regulate different tobacco products. But in the year 2017, the administration has changed. The FDA has decided the law enforcement delay for all vaping products until 2022. Mr. Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA Commissioner, moved the deadline up by one year, i.e., 2021. Currently, e-cigarettes have largely existed in the regulatory gray area. In last month, the federal judge had ordered the FDA to give ten months’ deadline to all e-cigarette companies for their tobacco product’s approval.

Mr. Norman Sharpless, the acting FDA Commissioner, says the agency is continuously keeping a close watch on all companies that are breaking the laws. As per the agency’s information, FDA will take strict action on those companies that are found in violations. According to the FDA, most of the companies have removed tobacco products from the market as these products are not legal. Moreover, the selling and marketing of illegal hookah products across various countries have become a massive concern, along with the youth vaping epidemic. Besides, most of the countries across the globe are experiencing the same problem.

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