Google Maps AR directions Feature for iOS and Android

Google Maps AR directions Feature for iOS and Android

Google Maps is always very helpful and valuable for travelers in different places in cities. Google just keeps it simple and best for consumers. Now the company announces a new feature of the Google Maps which is known as ‘Live View’. This feature is available majorly on iOS and Android devices that support ARKit and ARCore Augmented Reality frameworks. With the help of the Live View option, the user can navigate within the Google Maps across various directions coupled with street names. Another new thing Google Maps picking up to show all user hotel and flight reservations in one place. To access this facility, the user must have to tap on the hamburger button which is available in the top left corner of the device. After that select end-user places and reservations for getting further details.

Now the end-user can browse all upcoming trips and other related information. Also, to view different information such as flight info, simply tap on one of the trips. All this information related to Google Maps is also available in offline mode. Therefore, the user no needs to worry about the availability of the phone signal. Furthermore, the upgraded Timeline option will provide the facility to make notes and users can easily share all notes with their family and friends for their trip. The announcement of Google about Live View augmented reality walking directions is very useful to all users.

To access the Live View new feature of Google Maps the user must have to enter the destination, get directions, and then set transportation mode. At the bottom of the screen, the user can see the Live View option. This new feature of Google Maps makes the accurate guess as per the end-user location. Also, it provides the destination direction accurately where the user wants to go. As per the analysts’ information, Google Maps Live View feature coupled with hotel and flight reservation facility which is very beneficial. Also, it is very useful for all travelers moving in specific places in the cities.

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