Google Play Pass Is “Coming Soon” For Android Users, the Company Confirms

Google Play Pass Is “Coming Soon” For Android Users, the Company Confirms

Before few months, screenshots leaked of an experimental Google Play game subscription service called Google Play Pass. At the time, it seemed like Apple’s Apple Arcade. Even though Google had confirmed that the Play Pass lay in testing when it was first outed last month, it didn’t tell us when the feature might launch. But it doesn’t seem to be a test anymore — Google has now teased that Play Pass is officially “coming soon.” Today, the search engine giant has announced the news of the arrival of its new service from Twitter Account of Google Play. The post also includes a teaser for Play Pass followed by a short gif. Apart from that, the company has not mentioned a particular date when it will launch the service or what the new facility will include.

Google’s teaser arrives a day before Apple’s post revealing pricing and launch details for Apple Arcade. Still, due to the lack of more information, we will have to wait to know more about the arrival of Google’s service. Even more, it is unclear how much the plan will cost and which games the users will get. Last month few screenshots of Google Play Pass went viral, which has revealed the functioning of it. At the time, the images included some apps which the search engine giant might consist of in its subscription service. As per those screenshots, Play Pass will be available at the price of $4.99 per month.

On the other hand, Google shows off that the games and apps included in Play Pass will be ad-free. It will also include in-app purchases unlocked, with “hundreds of premium apps” added in the Play Pass catalog. Some of the games that Google Play Pass could probably include Stardew Valley, Marvel Pinball, and Limbo. But that’s just an opinion which relies on the few screenshots that were available in the previous month. Apart from this, Google touts that it will launch new hardware and services in the upcoming month, maybe the latest Play Pass arrives in the event.

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