Health Officials Confirmed Another Death from Ebola in Congolian City of Goma

Health Officials Confirmed Another Death from Ebola in Congolian City of Goma

Ebola has taken another life in the City of Goma, a massive transit hub in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As per Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), the patient died on Wednesday, around 26 hours after admitting to an Ebola treatment facility. Last month, the city, hosting more than 2 million people, had reported another case of Ebola. Although, the ongoing epidemic has become the second-largest and most fatal Ebola outbreak in history. Till date, more than 1,800 people in DRC have died due to the deadly disease; one-third of them are children. It is not good that Ebola has resulted in the death of two people in the city which shares a land border with Rwanda. Even more, it has an international airport. People often use the city of Goma as an entry to DRC.

Jean-Jacques Muyembe, Congo’s new Ebola response coordinator, said the Ebola-diagnosed man died on Wednesday. The demise news arrives one day after the announcement of the case. As per the local coordinator, he was in a critical state. The recently died man came on July 13, from a mining region in Ituri province of northeastern Congo. After some days, he started showing symptoms of the fatal disease. The person eventually died at an Ebola treatment center, located hundreds of miles away from Ituri.

Now health experts are probing where and at what time the latest victim became infected with the disease. As per health officials, he had traveled through places at the heart of the epidemic. Emergencies chief at WHO Dr. Michael Ryan, noted the man had been cured at home for around five days before admitting to a health center in Goma. As per the executive, it has increased the risk of exposure. Thus health workers are recognizing all of the probable contacts and giving a vaccination. While health experts say, it could take two days to three weeks to reveal the symptoms. Most importantly, high fever is one of the first symptoms of the disease. Still, there is no licensed cure for Ebola, a fatal disease spread by close contact with bodily fluids of the infected person.

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