Huawei Could Launch Its Own Operating System as Soon as August

Huawei Could Launch Its Own Operating System as Soon as August

Despite obtaining a green signal from the U.S. president in case of Android, Huawei is still developing its self-owned OS. The Chinese tech giant aims to roll out the OS at a developer conference in August. Before that, it seems Huawei Founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei has already unveiled some crucial features in advance. During an interview, the executive said Huawei operating system would perform six times faster than Android. Besides, the new OS will be compatible in all types of devices, including PCBs, routers, smartphones, switches, tablets, and data centers. In short, Huawei’s so-called Hongmeng will be a global OS having widespread applications across various IoT devices.

Recently, in June, Donald Trump said he would lessen the rules that obstruct American companies from doing business with Huawei. But it is still unclear, what will happen next. On one side, Huawei remains in the entity list of the US Department of Commerce. On the other hand, Huawei continues to work on its independent operating system. According to Zhengfei, the move could decrease Huawei’s reliance on Google’s Android operating system. He added; still, the company lags in competition with American companies Google and Apple. It is because both US companies have individual app stores. Now Huawei is also functioning to develop that option.

The CEO noted, no matter whether the DOC removes Huawei from its blacklist, it will probably move forward with its stand-alone OS. Currently, the Chinese tech giant depends on Qualcomm, as some of its phones use those chips. But most of the company’s flagship models use Huawei’s in-house Kirrin CPUs.  Even more, the news that the Chinese tech giant is developing its own OS arrived after the U.S. blocked it from using Google’s software. At the moment, Huawei has applied to patent its OS across various countries, including Europe.

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