Intel 10nm Chip Gets Mixed Reviews

Intel 10nm Chip Gets Mixed Reviews

Early reviews of Intel’s first processors in its much late 10-nanometer node were mixed. A handful of reviewers commend their integrated graphics, but CPU enhancements were modest at best. The total 11 members of notebook IC family, pack Wi-Fi 6, codenamed Ice Lake, and Thunderbolt 3 support coupled with 64 GPU execution engines. It will run at 9-28W as compared with 35W for 14nm parts. As per Intel CPU in the chips will be delivered 18% enhancement in instructions per clock. The chips are generally run at the lower clock frequencies than the Intel’s present 14nm notebook chips. Ice Lake introduced its first Xeon server processors to accelerate deep learning conclusion. It also included Gaussian and Neural Accelerator that is mainly used for noise reduction and voice processing.

As per PC Magazine, review-the CPU numbers are nothing to encourage the burning desire to go and purchase a new laptop. But the chip offers a more dramatic improvement in onboard graphics. As per Anandtech review- the Core i7-8565U Whisky Lake processor and Core i7-1065G7 Ice Lake processor performed equally in graphics. If a user wants to move from DRAM LPDDR3-2133 to LPDDR4X-3733, there is not much difference among both.

As per the analysis growth of Intel’s notebook processors is better than the global IC growth. Sales growth of Intel’s notebook processor may increase in September-December 2019. The Intel company track to ship in notebooks by the end of 2019. Initially, Intel company aimed to ship first 10-nanometer notebook chips in late 2018. The new 10nm chips are mainly used in laptops and fall under the umbrella of 10th generations processors series. Intel 10nm Ice Lake Y series CPU will be available across various countries in the coming months. Intel company hopes to strengthen market dominance in the coming years. Intel’s 10nm products will be available in different countries.

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