Lyft is Pulling Its Pink Bikes Concerning Fire-Catching Battery Packs

Lyft is Pulling Its Pink Bikes Concerning Fire-Catching Battery Packs

Fire-catching battery packs have put the brake on Lyft’s electric bike program in San Francisco. Reportedly, many vehicles have caught fire in recent time. On Wednesday, a user published a photo of a bike in San Francisco on Twitter. That pink e-bike seemed to have caught fire. Even more, another bike in the city had caught fire last Saturday. Photos published on the social network platform revealed the burnt remains of both vehicles. Still, the exact reason behind fire remains unclear. Maybe, the lithium-ion battery pack, which powers the bike, is liable for the fire.

Recently, the company has won a battle with the city regarding bike-share contracts. After that, the ride-hailing company rolled out its fleet of e-bikes in the Bay Area. According to a Lyft representative, since the starting of the program, thousands of people have taken the ride. Besides, no adverse cases have been reported. The executive noted, as the greatest caution, they are pulling the e-bikes from streets. She even thanked customers for their kindness and understanding. Now the company is investigating the matter and would make e-bikes accessible again soon.

While it is not the first time, Lyft has faced concerns in case of its bikes. The ride-hailing company had to pull a previous version of its e-bikes from the street in April. At the time, the riders seem flying over the handlebars due to a fault in the baking system. For now, Lyft has pulled bikes from San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco. In fact, those are the only regions that provide the latest new Bay Wheels e-bikes. All in all, battery issues on electronic bikes and scooters have resulted in various concerns before this. Last year, Lime, the scooter company, had to pull more than a thousand bikes after reportedly a battery caught fire.

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