Microsoft Scraps Super Duper Graphics Pack Update for Minecraft

Microsoft Scraps Super Duper Graphics Pack Update for Minecraft

From 2017 the Minecraft fans expecting the major update to the video game industry. Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack update helps to improve the game visual assets and provide the new dimension to the blocky universe. As per the information of Mojang who is the Minecraft developer. Unfortunately, the company is stopping the development of the Super Duper Graphics Pack. Also, an effort to overhaul graphics with the slick new effects, calling the game feature ‘too technically demanding to implement’. The company expects that the updated version of the Super Duper Graphics Pack brings new features with lighting effects such as fog and shadow. Besides, some other features are dynamic shadows, enhanced water, reflective textures, edge highlighting, and many more.

Also, new textures for villagers and mobs and the new movement for the few game elements like grass and leaves. In 2017, Microsoft releases the ambitious plan to make Xbox at a massive E3 video game conference. On Monday, Minecraft developer Mojang officially scrapped Super Duper Graphics Pack. As per his information, there was a lot of enthusiasm related to Super Duper Pack from outside and inside the studio. In addition, the Minecraft developers are not happy with the Super Duper Pack performance across various devices. This is the main reason for stopping the development of this Pack. The developers also focus on finding other ways for consumers across the globe.

Minecraft introduces a decade ago and achieves a lot of things that help to become successful globally. Furthermore, it remains one of the topmost paid mobile games in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The Minecraft: Education Edition game is very popular across various countries. This game helps to teach kids various things such as engineering, computer coding, math, urban planning, and architecture. In 2014, Microsoft bought Minecraft maker Mojang for US$2.5 billion. In the month of May, Microsoft celebrated the game’s 10th anniversary. Also, the company launch Minecraft Earth- Pokemon Go-style AR (augmented reality) phone game.

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