Musk Says Hyperloop 2020 Contest Might Have a Six-Mile Long Test Tunnel with a Curve

Musk Says Hyperloop 2020 Contest Might Have a Six-Mile Long Tunnel with a Curve

The SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is planning to change the Hyperloop student engineering competition slightly. In the upcoming year, Mr. Musk aims to hold the contest in a six-mile-long tunnel. The executive has revealed his exciting and thrilling idea via a tweet on Sunday. As per the CEO, in 2020, the competition will have a twist in the test tunnel. It is the fourth consecutive year; the company is hosting the contest. As of 2019, it has conducted the tournament in a straight-line ¾ mile test tunnel present at Hawthorne Headquarters of SpaceX. According to Musk, the tunneling thing might be quite interesting.

The news of tunnel modification arrived after the completion of the current year’s Hyperloop Pod competition. It is a student engineering challenge where the company calls upon teams to create and develop a prototype vehicle to travel in the probable Hyperloop network. The condition is vehicles must be automotive along with the ability to reach higher likely speed without collision. This year, a team from the Technical University of Munich has won the challenge. It has achieved a higher rate of 288 mph before crashing. The TUM team is none other than the so-called WARR Hyperloop team. Besides, the group is a runner-up team which had set a record of 284 mph last year.

Coming back to Musk’s six-mile-long tunnel it seems a challenging one. While tunneling is one of the major problems for the Hyperloop project. The issues might range from securing permissions to dig to strengthening the tunnels. Building the facility for the project is also one of the major challenges. Even more, making a six-mile test tunnel is a time-consuming work. So let us see whether Mr. Musk and his company will be able to create a tunnel of that length until the upcoming year’s competition. Still, the date of next year’s competition is not fixed, but depending on the current year’s contest it might take place in summer 2020.

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