New Cat Allergy Vaccine Developed by Swiss Scientists

New Cat Allergy Vaccine Developed by Swiss Scientists

Currently, the HypoPet AG, a Swiss-based company, has announced its latest vaccine HypoCat. The vaccine will mainly offer benefits to treat cat allergies in humans. So it is good news for cat lovers across the globe. But this particular vaccine is for the cat; not for the individual who is allergic. Generally, cats consist of a major allergen Fel d 1, and the HypoCat vaccine works by immunizing cats against it.  According to the medical journal, nearly 10% of humans are allergic due to specific dander. Dr. Gary Jennings, the CEO of HypoPet AG, said that the HypoCat vaccine helps to produce a high level of antibodies in the cat. Also, these antibodies can neutralize and bind the Fel d 1 allergen produced by the cat.

Besides, this vaccine helps to avoid different reactions such as nasal congestion, eye irritation, rashes, and others. The HypoCat also reduces the risk of chronic respiratory issues or asthma among animal lovers. As per Dr. Jennings, the company is working with the US and European regulators with the hope of bringing enough number of products to the market, He notes the main reason for cat abandonment is the increasing different cat allergies among the cat owners, relatives, and friends. Yearly, near about 3.4 million cats are abandoned to the US cat shelters and nearly 1.4 million cats are euthanized.

Furthermore, the new vaccine helps to reduce the allergenic effect of the pet itself. Thus, cat lovers can avoid pet abandonment which is very difficult for them. According to reports, the company has not seen any serious or long-term side effects of this vaccine in tested cats. As per Dr. Gary’s statement, if everything goes well, this vaccine would probably arrive in the market by 2022. Whereas, the similar type of vaccine, HypoDog, is under the process and far from release. Shortly, HypoCat may be the most demandable vaccine across the globe.

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