NHS Announced It Will Offer HPV Vaccine for Boys to Wipe Out Cervical Cancer

NHS Announced It Will Offer HPV Vaccine for Boys to Wipe Out Cervical Cancer

Now onwards boys will be given the HPV vaccine. As per health officials, the move is a decisive strike in the battle against cancer. Scientists say the vaccine could prevent thousands of cancers in men over the upcoming four decades. While Public Health England has confirmed the news that NHS will offer the HPV vaccine to teenage boys and girls across the UK from September. It is the first time; boys will receive the lifesaving shot while studying in year eight at secondary school. According to PHE, by 2058 the program may have avoided more than thousands of cancers across the state. Even more, in 2058 it will be almost 50 years of the launch of HPV vaccine for girls.

HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus, which is liable for most cervical cancers taking place in women. The virus arrives in more than hundred different strains. It can pass from one person’s body to another after having a sexual relationship. So vaccinating boys will assist in securing their partners along with minimizing the circulation of the virus, which is responsible for about 5% of cancers. Addedly, the vaccination will help in avoiding other types of cancers including penile, rectal, genitals as well as head and neck.

The HPV vaccination includes two injections, while the second dose can be received between 6-24 months after the first. Teenage girls have received the vaccine since 2008. Now boys in year eight will receive against 16 and 18 types of HPV. According to Public Health England, HPV is liable for 99% of cases of cervical cancer. Through the vaccination scheme, the government aims to cut off rates of HPV. Also, it anticipates eradicating cervical cancer. NHS’s national cancer director, Cally Parmer, said by expanding the HPV vaccine to boys, the NHS is taking a crucial step to combat cancer. On the other hand, Prof, Beate Kampmann, director of the Vaccine Centre at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, calls the move a success for gender equality in order to prevent cancer.

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