Samsung Closes The 108-Megapixel Mobile Sensor in on Mirrorless Cameras

Samsung Closes The 108-Megapixel Mobile Sensor in on Mirrorless Cameras

Currently, the smartphone megapixel camera wars raging on. In last week, many people saw the first image taken from Samsung’s 64-megapixel smartphone sensor. The company has announced a new sensor with 50% more pixels. Samsung dismisses the significant shot. Besides, Samsung has developed ISOCELL Bright HMX in collaboration with the Xiaomi. Samsung company launch the world’s first 108-megapixel smartphone camera sensor in partnership with the Xiaomi. This is one of the largest sensor ever at 1/1.33-inches in size. Nearly three quarters, the size of a 1-inch sensor on Sony RX100 VII which is the high-end point and shoot camera. As per the company information, this camera produces high-resolution photographs.

Furthermore, if a user wants to snap 108-megapixel photos, then he/she must require bright light shooting situations. The Samsung Smart-ISO mechanism automatically selects high ISOs in dim light and lower ISOs in brighter shooting situations. Hopefully, the Xiaomi company provides a user manual control facility over those settings. Along with the low-light photo and high-resolution photo shooting, the sensor allows for 6K video at 30 fps (6016 x 3384). This is an incredible feat for all smartphone cameras. Samsung’s recent smartphone model is criticizing for the low-light performance as compared with Huawei P30 Pro and some other phone models. As per the information, Samsung can effectively solve this problem by just boosting the chip size. Also, as per the Samsung, the new chip production will start later this month.

Moreover, the 108-megapixel sensor has extremely small pixels. By default, Samsung Tetracell technology helps to gather the light from the 4 pixels and then transform it into the 27-megapixel sensor. Also, if the user wants then he/she can snap 108-megapixel photos, but still bright light must require for shooting. According to Xiaomi and Samsung, the future of the smartphone camera is hundreds of megapixels. As per the current information Samsung announces the phone is the first to use 108-megapixel mobile sensor.

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