Samsung Galaxy Fold Is in Final Stages of Renewal After Pre-Launch Failure

Samsung Galaxy Fold Is in Final Stages of Renewal After Pre-Launch Failure

Reportedly Samsung, the South Korean phone manufacturer, has redesigned the Galaxy Fold. It seems like the smartphone maker has tried to address the screen durability issues which bombed its launch event. Besides, the company could soon start commercial production of the foldable smartphone. Still, the tech giant has not announced a release date. On the other hand, the phone maker has sent invitations to journalists and reporters. The document reveals Samsung will arrange its next launch event by the end of this summer in New York. It seems like the smartphone giant will launch its new Galaxy Note 10 at the event. According to sources, Samsung might release the Galaxy Fold during the upcoming launch event.

Before few months, Samsung suddenly delayed the launch of its foldable smartphone. At the time, the phone maker found glitches in the smartphone, including screens. According to the reviews, the display continuously flickered. Other issues, like a removable protective film, existed. As per the company, they have developed the screen’s protective film flow into the bezels. So it will be impossible to peel off the screen guard by hand. All in all, the re-engineered Galaxy Fold will feature a protective film that wraps around the screen. The move arrives after some of the couple of reviews which revealed removal of protective sheet actually destroyed the screen. Besides, the previous one looked like a separable screen. Now Galaxy Fold is in the final phase of the redesign.

The company has even redesigned hinge. Pushing hinge slightly upward from the screen will assist the film in stretching when the phone opens. Even more, the stress will make the film sense tough, and it would seem like a natural part of the device instead of a removable accessory. The successive know, almost invisible to the naked eye, might assist in reducing the chance of a fold emerging in the mid of the screen over time. Now it’s time to wait for the $1,980 re-developed Galaxy Fold.

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