Study Finds: Drinking Coffee Will Help People to Lose Weight

Study Finds Drinking Coffee Will Help People to Lose Weight

It’s a time of celebration for coffee lovers. A new study has found the all-time favorite drink of some people might assist in weight loss. Besides a trial reveals coffee might assist the body for burning calories. As per scientists, coffee consumption could lower the chances of type-2 diabetes as it helps the body to burn excess calories. Thus a cup of hot beverage may give a boost to brown fat. It is an active tissue that melts sugar and fat from food to re-warm the body. Although, brown fat is contrary to white fat due to which people look overweight. Besides, it is a food fat stored by the body when people overeat and gain more energy than their body utilize.

Coffee contains an element – caffeine which has both good and bad reputations. Now experts believe the component enhances the body’s activity to burn calories. Though more research work is essential for unveiling more advantages of caffeine and coffee. According to a study, black coffee may actually be slimming. A team of scientists from the University of Nottingham carried out the analysis. They used thermal imaging to keep an eye on candidates’ brown fat storage. Besides, Prof. Michel Symonds, co-author of the study, noted it is the first time to reveal the impact of coffee on brown fat present in the human body.

The research involved none people, i.e., five women and four men. During the study, the team found that coffee consumption had a positive impact on the cells’ capacity to produce heat. Even the hot beverage had a beneficial effect on burning energy in the process. Prof. Symonds said boosting the activity of brown fat enhances blood sugar control along with improving blood lipid levels. Most notably, its activation assists in burning calories with weight loss. As per the professor, it is a first study that reveals a way to lift-up the activity of brown fat in the human body. Thus the study shows a positive impact of coffee on humans. Now scientists intend to make sure that Caffeine is the only stimulant component in coffee or there’s another element assisting in waking-up brown fat.

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