Tesla Employees Filed A Petition For Higher Pay

Tesla Employees Filed A Petition For Higher Pay

Tesla Inc. creates the right amount of news every day in the electric vehicle market and on wall street had to face a petition from one of its employees demanding higher pay. A Tesla employee filed an appeal that was written directly towards the CEO Elon Musk and Chairwoman Robyn Denholm mentions the necessity of increasing the basic salary of employees. Dare Brewer is the employee who wrote and sent this petition after seeing some of his colleagues are facing financial problems.

According to her, Tesla’s employees have equal rights when it comes to working and demanding a pleasant working environment. They are ready to work as a team and put the required number of efforts to make the company successful, but most importantly, employees want to see a hike in their basic pay. Tesla a few months ago decided to cut its cost of manufacturing and administration to boost up their production.

Employees are also not allowed to get a commission if they make any extra sale and that, according to Dare Brewer, it’s a severe problem. Tesla is focusing more on production and increasing the work efficiency of its workers by giving hours of work. Dare think since the company is making them work longer and harder hours, they deserve an increase in the hike. There were previous reports came that stated the adverse environment in which Tesla employees have to work for a continuous period. Elon Musk faced some problems from critics who said the company is making workers sick by giving longer hours of tasks. As of now, 342 people have signed this petition of demanding a hike, and its sent directly to the CEO Elon Musk. Even though it’s not clear whether these 342 people who signed this petition works for tesla or not, it will be interesting to see how Musk will give a response to this demand of workers.

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